Video Marketing

Why do Video Marketing?
According to forecasts, will account for 84% of Internet traffic. A revolution that connects you with your audience, speaking the same language as them, creating content that interests them and in a dynamic and engaging format. They are easy to consume. Increase conversion rates. Promote engagement. significantly improve SEO. They begin to compete with television.

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Video e-commerce

Why do e-commerce Video?
The contents are much more viral and easy to share because they cause a greater impact on people. A video can display items, descriptions or functionality to the user in an easier way. Using this format can simplify the message that the company wants to convey. The video is an ideal channel for sales, since its audiovisual format focuses the user's attention and focuses on the content that our video broadcasting. When users looking to buy all possible product information and the best way to provide this information is the video. Log in to our YouTube channel and See more videos.

Enter our YouTube channel and see more videos.

Creating Pure Data Base

A well-crafted database helps you to segment, optimize and customize your marketing and sales campaigns. The database of a company is the center of its sales strategy, everything revolves around how to optimize it to be close to customers and how to use it to build confidence in the prospects. In many companies the awareness of the importance of creating a solid database information with customers and prospects is not deeply rooted, and thus are missing important opportunities to optimize budgets and manage your campaigns more direct and personal way.


We propose a one to one email communication where you can send news, promotions, activities and customized invitations and flyers. Our service of design and delivery of Mailing includes:
Creativity, design and generation of the content necessary for the design of the piece.
Programming of a piece with the required qualities for the correct reception of the mail.
creation of an automatic reply and identification of the consults of the campaign for the measure of results.
People will have the possibility to subscribe to the newsletter from the site, social networks, campaigns and contents will be online and always available.
Fulfilled through an effective and intelligent tool.
Analysis of the results studing in detail the amount of openings, clicks, forwards, etc.

SEO Positioning

(Search Engine Optimization)

The work of the Brand positioning is an ongoing and continuous process, remember that your brand will be increasing in value. Our digital marketing agency has an interdisciplinary team of professionals such as programmers, engineers, social communicators, experts in the field of Advertising and Business Administration, who were trained in the emerging market of Digital Marketing; to position your site on the top of search engines. After making an integral survey of your site and your competitors; we develop a diagnostic, and with the commercial purpose of your company we develop techniques and specific strategies of digital marketing so you can improve your pagerank in natural search engine results. When you position your site in the top of the searches using SEO, you have the chance to be seen more quickly by future buyers that you are looking for. You will also have the possibility of being found by people who make an spontaneous search and therefore they become potential buyers.

SEM Campaigns

(Search Engine Marketing)
We perform management of linking campaigns sponsored in major searchers for users to find your services and products quickly.
ByTheWeb, when it schedules a SEM campaign for a customer, first it makes a comprehensive survey of the objective to promote the business objectives at a macro and micro level according to the campaign , analyzing : target , product and service, among other things. We analyze the keywords that identify the business or the specific campaign, writing the advertisements by professionals and making the implementation and monitoring of campaigns.
The SEM campaigns work as quality auction , the better the campaign is armed, the more relevance it will have according to what the user is looking for and above your ad will appear .


The Remarketing allows you to show your ads to users who have previously visited your website while surfing the web.
Why use it?
The Remarketing allows you to communicate with people who have previously visited key pages of your website, it offers a new effective way to match the right people with the right message. If we combine campaigns based on keywords with Remarketing, we get a higher number of conversions in all your campaigns.

Social Media Optimization

Having a presence on social networks gives a position both in the consumer's mind and in the specific audience. Social networks are fully segmented and with this, you can easily reach the target audience. The SMO is to generate contacts, leading traffic, making digital branding , creating profiles, groups and applications, among others.
Most of the time spent on these strategies focuses primarily on generating new contacts and followers and interact with them on an ongoing and daily way.

Social Media Coaching

Would you like to make Social Media in Social Networks and you need help?
It is common for companies that want to start their presence on social networks with a business purpose, to have many questions and don´t know how to start or what should be done first. Although the subject of Social Networks is highly known, it is not simple to implement from a business point of view and eventually the Marketing may need some help and support. In Bytheweb we can help you. With our Social Media Coaching services you will have access to our consultants to attend your questions and guide you on the subject of Social Media and Social Networking you want. Our consultants can be integrated to your marketing team and participate in the working sessions that you and your employees need.

Web Design and Web Applications

ByTheWeb focuses on creativity, design and programming of banners and landing pages to advertise in different formats and designs that will help your brand.
Examples of these actions are:
• Development of Blogs
• Development of corporate web sites
• Development of web sites for task management and workflow
• Online Surveys
• Forums of Discussion
• Chat and Customer Support
• Integration with social networks
• and many others

Responsive Design

Adaptive or adaptative web design, known by the English initials RWD Responsive Web Design is a design philosophy and development aimed at adapting the appearance of web pages to the device being used to visualize it.

YouTube Strategies

Would you like to use YouTube on your social media strategy?
YouTube is the choice for implementing a video marketing campaign to accompany your business strategy.
To do this we recommend that you consider the following considerations:
• Try to publish your own content.
• Your videos must emphasize the theme and the attributes you want to be recognized on your brand or proposal.
• Your production should be short and with a clear message that generate engagement.
• We use the YouTube platform, with aligned aims to your business plan, performance measurement , monitoring objectives.

Google Analytics

Takes strategic decisions from the results of your investment on digital channels. Google Analytics is a web analysis tool for more powerful and intelligent market companies, which will provide you with valuable information about traffic on your website and effectiveness of the online marketing plan you have programmed. With this powerful, flexible, accurate and specific utility, we can analyze the results of your site and user behavior while sailing being able to increasingly improve your site and its seaworthiness.
Some of the reports that can be obtained are:
• Number of daily visits or in a given period.
• Countries where they come from.
• Time users browse in your site.
• pages they visit and the least visited.
• Traffic sources: from where they come.
• Key phrases that are used to reach your site.
• Bounce: quantity of those entering your site and don´t find it interesting.


Bytheweb covers accommodation needs of your website. All web hosting plans allow flexible and effective self-management through control panel with own development, which is one of the most complete offered in the industry.


Name creation, verbal identity. "... What has no name is what does not exist or should not exist ..." (Platón)
Naming is the collection of techniques used to name things. The aim of Naming is creating a brand name, object or service name, the Naming is an important part of a project of branding or brand development.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the constant and permanent production of offers of relevant high quality content that speaks to the buyer at all stages during the purchase (from awareness to consideration of the decision).