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It doesn´t gives us all the same.

Emotional Marketing

Building a brand can not be based only on a transactional logic, not everything can be intrinsic promotions and product descriptions.

The emotional connection of people with our brands is very important but the sentimental relationship is even more. You need to understand that this is just a step towards our desired goal: The sentimental connection with the brand. People connect emotionally with the brands and this adds more value to the products that made the connection. But the emotional connection is not the end of the road. Emotional marketing is just a step of an important process of brand building. Feelings are permanent while emotions are temporary. An emotion is something that changes inside us. The word "emotion" means inner movement. It is a change in our body generated by our sensors that detected something.

The word emotion comes from the Latin word "emovere" which means moving something from one place to another.